Know About Your Career With Vedic Astrology

Career plays an important role in our life, today we have so many options to choose from, hence the question stands, which career path would be right for us? Astrology helps us in understanding the answer for this, In Vedic Astrology there are different aspects which needs to be analyzed in a chart in order to understand our career in astrology, the three of the most important charts are:

  • D1 Chart
  • D10 Chart
  • Moon Sign & 10th house from the Moon

D1 Chart in Horoscope:

The D1 chart also known as Lagna chart is the most important chart in vedic astrology, it analyses all the different aspects of a person’s life, In order to understand our career in D1 chart we need to analyse the Ascendant (1st house) & its lord, also the 10th house & its lord.

D10 Chart in Horoscope:

The D10 chart or the Dasamsha is the divisional chart of the 10th house, in order to understand our Karma or the career more deeply with need to analyse our D10 chart.

Moon Sign in Horoscope:

In astrology, the moon represents our state of mind, emotions, our inclinations & interests in life, hence studying the moon sign becomes important to understand what the person desires for, the 10th house from the moon sign determines the desires towards the career & how he can progress towards it.


Finally when we combine all these points we can relate to what career a person can have to succeed in life & what steps he can take towards attaining the growth they desires.

Analyse the lagna & lagna lord

Analyse the 10th house and its lord

Study the moon sign & 10th house from moon

Analyse the D10 & 10th from D10

Let astrology show you the path to your most successful career

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