Relationship in Vedic Astrology

“When will i get married? When will I meet my soulmate? When will I be in a relationship? Will I marry the person I love ?” Have you ever thought about these questions, if yes then this blog is for you.

In Astrology many a times we hear these questions about relationships, and yes astrology can help us in finding the answer to these questions, The 7th house in astrology is the house of marriage, the 5th house in astrology is the house of love/children, so whenever we our discussing about the marriage aspects of a person’s life, we need to analyse the 7th house of the horoscope, and when we are discussing about the love/relationship, then we need to analyse the 5th house of the horoscope.

Significator of Relationships in Astrology:

Venus is the significator of all the relationships in a person’s life, whether we are talking about a relationship/marriage, whether it’s a male person’s chart or female, Venus is the significator of the relationships and will tell us that how the relationship will be, but when we are discussing about the characteristics of the partner, or the timing of the relationship/marriage, in that case the significator would be different,

Venus is the significator of women in a man’s horoscope, whereas Jupiter is the significator of a man in a women’s horoscope.

Marriage/Relationship chart in Astrology:

The D1/Lagna chart in Astrology is the primary chart of a person, but when we need to analyse a single aspect of a person’s life such as marriage/carrer/health, etc, in that case we also need to analyse the divisional chart of that house/aspect, in marriage the divisional chart that needs to be analysed is D9/Navamsa Chart.

Timing of Relationship/Marriage in Astrology:

Timing is the most crucial aspect while analysing the relationship aspect of a person’s life, as there different aspects that needs to be analysed in order to get the right timing for a relationship:

  • Analyse the 7th house of the horoscope: we need to check whether the 7th house allows the marriage in a person’s life or not, as if there are malefic influence in the 7th house it can delay the marriage, even if the timing or the planetary formation is present, in certain scenario 7th house can even deny the marriage for the person, for the timing of marriage the 7th house must be activated by the Dasha(Time period in Astrology).
  • Analyse the lord of the 7th house: once we analyse the 7th lord, we need to analyse the situation of the 7th lord, if the lord is connected with malefics it may delay the marriage, when it is with benifics and the 7th house is also helped by benifics the relationship will be good and will be at the right age, for timing of marriage if the 7th lord is activated by Dasha, the person may have the marriage if supported by other factors and planets.
  • Analyse Venus/Jupiter: When analysing the horoscope of a male, analyse the position of venus if it is connected by malefic, the marriage will be delayed if the 7th house and lord are also with malefics it will promise the delay, if venus is supported by the benifics it will bring the relationship sooner in a person’s life, the same needs to be analysed for Jupiter in a women’s chart.
  • Position of Venus & Jupiter from the 7th house: the position of both of these planets also needs to be analysed from the 7th house as well as if they are in malefic positions such as 6th house, 8th house, or the 12th house from 7th house it will delay the marriage.
  • Position of Lagna Lord from 7th house & 7th lord: these positions should also be checked and also the lagna lord needs to be analysed as Lagna is the self in case the Lagna Lord is in malefic houses from 7th lord or 7th house of marriage or if hemmed between malefics this can also create issues at the time of marriage.
  • Analyse the D9(Navamsa Chart): The Navamsa chart also needs to be analysed as it is the most important chart when we discuss about the marriage & relationship aspects of a person’s life, when both the D1 and D9 allows marriage and the time period is also supported the person will have the marriage.

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